MOMEH could not be more thrilled with the designers that we have pulled for the launch and over all vibe of our website. We are always open to review designers from the new, the old, the groovy and the funky. We only select styles that compliment our unique + eclectic customers – adding essential, timeless and neutral pieces that appeal to most any age.

Our featured Designers for 2016 include:

Stoned Immaculate:


A 70’s love child born of our deep appreciation for all things vintage, Stoned Immaculate:The Label is crafted in small batches and made close to our hearts with passionate attention to quality, detail & attaining the perfect fit. Created in the canyons of Los Angeles, The Label echoes California’s golden era. Drawing inspiration from old photographs, books, films and a few of our own highly-coveted vintage scores, we seek to create something worth passing on for generations to come.


Each and every piece of Stoned Immaculate Vintage has been hand-selected, tried on, obsessed over & then re-released back into the world to continue on it’s journey through this crazy realm we call time. You can wear this piece of vintage knowing that you are carrying with you all of the memories and energy of a time when hair was long, love was free and the music was capable of taking you to a place you’ve never been before. You may notice small markings of wear, these flaws are the fingerprint of days gone by. There may be a tiny stain from that 1976 concert in the park or a small tear from when the hem was pulled a little too hard during a steamy make out session in the back seat of a Trans Am. These imperfections are what actually makes this piece—- perfect. Like two lovers meeting at midnight-we thank you for finding us,  sharing a love in all things vintage. Together in vintage, recycling a generation.

Out here we is Stoned…..Immaculate.

Sugarhigh + Lovestoned:


Channeling our favorite iconic, groupie-worthy muses, we set out to create each collection like a well-curated wardrobe. These capsule-size collections will not only transform your closet into something amazing- but it will enable you to easily collect effortlessly comfortable pieces that will carry over season-after-season. With conversation-starting graphics, you can be sure that you are wearing something that has been researched & created out of something real, something authentic to the time and not some disposable one-liner that will eventually end up in the back of your boyfriend’s car.

We are the girls who freak out over platform shoes, wide-brimmed felt hats and velvet bellbottoms. Sometimes, we’ll eat cookies for breakfast. We can drive our boyfriend’s stick-shift & we’re not afraid to know where the dipstick is. We read books, listen to vinyl, drink (too many) americanos and have been known to bare our soul in a dimly lit parking lot or two…. We’re real. We’re sexy and wild and feminine yet we’re not afraid to sometimes dress like a boy. We ask you to wander into our dizzy, lazy, wild-eyed bed-head look at the world. Come, get on the bus.

Rolla’s Jeans


Paying homage to the eras when jeans came into their own.

A time of rock n roll, road tripping, supermodels, iconic photographers and electric living.

Rolla’s is a classic denim brand celebrating authenticity and simplicity and applying it to a frivolous and free modern lifestyle.

Jesse Miller

Multimedia artist Jesse Miller is a favorite of ours not only professionally but personally. Jesse works in every imaginable form of media and medium, such as clothing, posters, cd covers, chalk, commercial logos, paintings, murals, surfboards, wood carving, and leaded glass, just to name a few. For the last decade his creativity has been finding it’s way onto canvas. His ideas have exploded off the canvas as they sprawl effortlessly through hand carved wood and leaded glass.

The son of a woodworker, Jesse proves that artistic craftsmanship runs in the family. He grew up in Costa Mesa, California where he developed his eclectic, 7O’s surf style influences. Jesse’s client list includes the top surf companies of all time such as Quicksilver, Billabong, and Gotcha to name a few.