There are too many reasons to feature this amazing and inspiring family who live in one of our favorite towns, Laguna Beach, and ride high on the good vibes. Eddie Perrin is the maker of Kung Fu Tonic, and his wife, Laura Love, is a wellness advocate/teacher.

We invite you to try Kung Fu Tonic – it can be added to your culinary favorites and we feel it is one of the best products on the shelf for it’s amazing health benefits. You can also follow the links below to get more info on how you can get involved personally in some amazing retreats, detox programs, workshops and other healing practices, Get stoked!

Kung Fu Tonics ingredients are organic, raw and cold-pressed, concentrating a savory hit of nutrition and flavor into each drop.

Unlike your neighbor’s fire-cider, Kung Fu Tonic has never been heated or treated — maintaining all the natural enzymes, oils, minerals, and vitamins stored in its potent concoction.

Use it to enhance your food and health drinks, or just take a few droppers straight under the tongue to feel its immediate effect.

Kung Fu Tonic is an essential weapon of wellbeing for athletes, nutritionists, chefs, travelers, naturopaths, and anyone else pursuing a healthy lifestyle — and now, the secret is yours.

It is also a antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti- bad- vibes +100% RAW


“@kungfutonic I love Kung Fu Tonic” – Kelly Slater

“Kung Fu Tonic has all of my favorite immune boosting ingredients” – Dr. Loren Riccio




Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (CA)
Heirloom Garlic (CA)
Organic Onion (CA)
Organic Ginger (HI)
Organic Horseradish (CA)
Organic Cayenne Pepper (CA)
Sea Salt (UT)
Oregano Oil (NM)


Kung Fu Tonic II Builds upon the original recipe, and they added some of our favorite powerful foods into this upgraded edition of Kung Fu Tonic… KFT + Turmeric + Local Honey + Habanero! This is a highly-concentrated blend of hot roots and powerful herbs. Great for flu season. Ingredients are all from Mother Earth and CCOF-certified Organic!

Starting with Eddie’s Grandma’s recipe for staying healthy, they built on her rootsy blend taking this tonic to the next level.

Each bottle is vortexed, non-irradiated, and 100% raw.

Eddie Perrin created KFT about 12 years ago, he was a traveling chef and was already making KFT for his family and friends all the time, when it got to the point where he was making more kung fu tonic than his current business at a raw vegan chocolate company, called Love Snax. He knew it was time to switch gears, so he started renting a commercial kitchen and the rest is history. You can currently find KFT in Mother’s Markets, most Orange County Whole Foods, Organic Tree Juice Bar, Organic Roots, Cap Beauty, Boketto Wellness on the east coast and Fred Segal, LA and about 50 other stores including here at MOMEH.


Eddie says they’re just gaining traction and starting to really kick ass and help humans regain their health and throw a little culinary adventure into their food and overall wellbeing.

Eddie is a dad, step dad, and husband who surfs, loves the ocean and is continuing to learn on a regular basis by smiling and sharing good vibes.



Eddie’s wife, Laura Love, is also a wellness advocate, she has been teaching yoga in Orange County, CA for over a decade, leads life-affirming yoga retreats all over the world, practices reiki, leads empowering natural birthing workshops, and helps people change their lives through 21 day detox programs that incorporate- a plant-based diet, meditation, qigong, earthing, and other healing practices. She also has a bigger job, which is being a mother to her 3 amazing children, ranging from ages 9 months to 19 years!
Phewwww…. Truly inspirational this family is!



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