We love our earth + environment and strive to be more conscious, which is why we chose this power couple to feature in our first lifestyle article.


Nicholas Holmes is a designer-builder with a focus and education on ecological and sustainable design and development. In 2012 he and his wife Jenny, of Holmes Health ~ Natural Medicine, planted a seed for The Nourishing Tree, a mixed-use center for healthy & sustainable living, to take root at a dilapidated commercial property they purchased in downtown Joshua Tree, CA.


They created a growing center to house a variety of businesses and organizations that support various symbiotic aspects of healthy & sustainable living. Current branches of The Nourishing Tree include Holmes Health ~ Natural Medicine, Holmes Ecological Design & Construction, Solstice Eco Building Supply, Joshua Tree Chiropractic, and the High Desert Beekeepers Association.


In 2014 they launched an educational & enrichment branch through which they put on presentations, workshops and courses on a variety of topics under the umbrella of ‘all things nourishing’, such as Healthy Blood ~ Healthy You, Probiotics From the Kitchen, The Science of Couples Communication, The Art of Self-Hypnosis, Backyard Beekeeping, Apitherapy, Permaculture, Composting, Worm Bins, Holistic Fruit Tree Care, Rainwater Harvesting, Greywater Systems, Passive Solar/ Climate Adaptive Design, Natural Plasters, Natural Building, … and more to come.


If you are interested in attending a workshop or course or just wanting to get more information on how you can get involved in creating your own sustainable oasis you can be added to The Nourishing Tree’s event announcement email list by sending a request via email to: TheNourishingTree@gmail.com, and please visit the links below to learn more about The Nourishing Tree and its various branches.

Dates for upcoming workshops/classes in 2016:
On October 28-30 is a “Greywater Irrigation Systems Design & Construction Course”, and the last event of the year will be “Roots, Shoots & Fruits: Holistic Fruit Tree Care” workshop on December 3-4. Stay tuned for information on more great presentations, workshops, and courses in 2017.

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Nicholas Alexander Holmes
Climate Adaptive/ Passive Solar Design Specialist
Non-Toxic Building Materials & Systems Specialist
Certified American Clay Plaster Installer & Trainer
Certified Claylin Earthen Floor Installer
Certified Permaculture Designer
Certified Greywater System Installer
Certified Rainwater Catchment System Installer
Holmes Ecological Design & Construction….. 805.215.6025
Solstice Eco Building Supply….. 800.542.0728
Greywater Solutions….. 888.242.6565
@ The Nourishing Tree ~ Center for Healthy & Sustainable Living
62057 Twentynine Palms Hwy. ~ Joshua Tree, CA
Nourish yourself. Nourish one another.